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List #1

2008-01-26 16:10:19 by UnderdogList

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Underdog List #1

Yay, the first list. We're still playing with the formatting and the song link methods, but this will do for now.
For the moment, we're just linking to songs that other people linked to in the thread.

Don't forget to read the rules before you go off nominating your self or others. Especially if your nominating yourself.
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NickPerrin - x3 votes
- The Belmont Legend (Orchestral, Epic, VG Castlevania remake, high energy and spirited, Waltz like)


Drum 'N Bass
- Dawn Eternal (Nostalgic, sweet, loops, carefree energy)
- Happily Ever After (upbeat Trance, energetic, offers a good variety of synths and effects)
- Sonata of Stars (Moving, emotional, loops, subtle tones of sorrow)




Video Game
- A Night in the Valley (beta) (Upbeat, energetic, Gerudo Valley remix)
- Brace Yourself (dark over tones, tensive)

Hip-Hop (Modern)
- Resident evil theme [dn-rmx]

General Rock
joshhunsaker x2 votes
- Killer Instinct (Suspenseful, tensive energies, dark overtones)
- All For Now (Epic, nostalgic, Defiance, "inner strength" kind of vibes)


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2008-01-26 16:14:39

No shit.

UnderdogList responds:

That's right - I'm house trained.


2008-01-26 16:17:48

haha. I demonstrated why people should leave links to songs. Check it out. All three of rawrthaas's tracks and both of Conian's songs. Rock on.

UnderdogList responds:

It's because you're awesome.


2008-01-26 16:26:57

Every single song by every single audio author (and I mean not only the songs in the list, every single one) to be reviewed by me.

UnderdogList responds:

You're nuts, man! But you're a special kind of nuts.
Have fun with Rawrthaas.


2008-01-26 16:35:14

'K, miiiight not do all of rawrthaas', he's not an audio author he's a MUSICIAN get your facts straight. (no really, I just took a quick look over em all, so I didn't see he has that much goin' on. I have never kept a promise and will never do)


2008-01-26 16:39:57

yo sbb. Rawrthaas is my favorite artist on newgrounds, so before you say that he doesn't have much going on, step back, download a song of his or two, really take you time to take it all in and then judge him. I've been watching him for a relatively long time now.

Also, he is an author. All his pianos, despite sounding so good, are synthetic. He might also be a musician, but I have no idea what he might do off of newgrounds.


2008-01-26 16:54:50

Quarl, dude. I was just joking, I know very well that rawrthaas is a great audio author. I was just using "he's a MUSICIAN" as a stupid loophole joke.

I can't really understand how you managed to misunderstand the second sentence- what I meant is that before I made that first comment, I took a quick look at the artists, and didn't see that- rawrthaas had that much (music) going on- aka- that he had that much audio

I know that is terrible wording, I also know that this place here isn't a forum, so kbai.


UnderdogList responds:

Problem solved? Yay.


2008-01-26 18:31:06

Whoever recommended Nickperrin...


freaking amazing stuff thar.


2008-01-26 19:33:29

I should take a looky looky.


2008-01-27 07:59:24

Yay, thanks for the add! I'll check the other underdogs out as well. Rawrthaas is amazing. *bows in awe*


2008-01-27 17:48:13

"Happily Ever After" by Rawrthaas is trance. Might wanna switch its genre.

UnderdogList responds:

We may have forgotten about people doing more than one genre. Thanks for noticing that, but I think we'll just put people in one genre, the one they are nominated for/ have the most songs under.


2008-01-28 18:43:13

lol. sorry sbb. I thought you might have been sarcastic, but over the internet, there really isn't a way to convey sarcasm, so I decided to take you seriously. Sorry man :P My fault.


2008-01-30 20:44:45

Look it up foos.


2008-02-01 12:42:22

Soothsage is pretty sick